aW.P. 719-2012 (Amjad Ali Vs. GOP through Sec. Ministry of Finance etc & W.P 843-2012 Muhammad Rehan Khan Vs FOP through Sec. Ministry of Finance) dated: 07.01.2013

W.P. 664-2012 (Muhammad Ilyas alias Qari Jamil etc Vs. Federal Review Board) dated: 23-05-2012

Crl. Misc. 280-B-2012 (Amjad Alvi Vs. The State) dated: 31-05-2012

F.A.O. 47-2011 (Independent News Papers Corporation Vs. PEMRA) dated: 21-05-2012

F.A.O. 13-2011 (Syed Aurangzaib_Ul_Hassan VS. F.P.S.C etc) dated: 01-06-2012

W.P. 2985-2011 (Kalim Ullah Khan VS. Sec. Capital Administration & Development Division etc)

dated: 01-06-2012

W.P.. 4144-2010 (Muhammad Imran Attique VS. M.D. Foundation Headquarters etc) dated: 01-06-2012

W.P.. 3172-Q-2012 (Rimsha Masih VS. Station House Officer, Police Station Ramna etc) dt: 20-11-2012